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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  July 24, 2009 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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we will see tomorrow for part two of rush limbaugh. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] ed thompson tomorrow. a lot coming up. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute >> three, two, one, beck! glenn: tonight, is healthcare really helping? no conspiracy theories needed. we will just play back obama's own words. also, race, politics and president obama's attack on the police last night, and congress's acorn report. it is here and we expose it first f you believe this country is great but the government is trying to short circuit the system, it is time to change the wiring a bit. stand up and come follow me. you know what? i decided i was going to take delaware off the map, too,
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just because joe biden pisses me off, but that's a different story. by the way -- ok, just saying, the government wants you to inform you of everything. right wing extremist. actually, a libertarian but a right wing extremist libertarian, one that believes for in the constitution. tonight i want to talk to you about something that somebody said earlier to me "glenn, don't you think you're moving into loopy territory?" no, i just think the world is moving into the loopy territory. we look at everything happening in washington and it doesn't make sensz. it's because we are using the logic that we all grew up with^ . tonight i'm going to talk about green energy, healthcare, and best of all, all of these bills, but i'm going to do it in a new context. here is the one thing tonight, everything that is getting pushed through congress, including this healthcare bill are transforming america, and they are all driven by
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president obama's thinking on one idea -- reparations. but i'm a right wing extremist. before you say anything, president obama is against reparations. he, himself, said so. he said that, but what the media didn't report on conveniently during the election ignores the reason why he is against reparations. as i warned before the election, he doesn't think that reparations would go far enough. quote "i fear that reparations would be an excuse for some to say we have paid our debt and to avoid the much harder work." you got to be kidding me? so we can never pay the debt, the 360,000 in the civil war, that wasn't enough? i had forgotten about this position on reppations until a couple of days ago. we were talking about some story on this program. i think its was about school or something, and it reminded me, and i was like, wait a minute. it ties everything together.
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now, let's just go back and find out. we have to do harder work. what is that harder work? >> if we have a program, for example, of universal healthcare, that will disproportionately affect people of color because they're disproportionately uninsured f we have an agenda that says every child in america should be able to go to college regardless of america, that will disproportionately affect people of color because it is oftentimes our children who can't afford to go to college. glenn: so he believes in the universal program because they disproportionately affect people of color, and that's the way he feels is the best way to right the wrongs of the past. these massive programs are obama brand reparations, or in presidential speak, leveling out the playing field, but just in case, the universalness of the program
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doesn't somehow or another quench his reparation ap appetite. he is making sure that he will do his part to pay the debt in the other areas. written in the first 1,000-plus-page bill that nobody is going to read before they vote on it is the p prosigs in this healthcare bill that says a medical school oral other health-related institution pursuing a grant or other contract from the government, they would have to prove their inclusiveness to minorties on page 881 or 882 of this bill, it states, quote "the secretary of health and human services shall give preference to those entities that have demonstrated a record of the following -- one, training individuals who are underrepresented minority groups or disadvantaged backgrounds. two, a high rate of placing graduates in practice settings having the principal focus of
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serving in underserved populations experiencing health disparities, and three, supporting teaching programs that address the healthcare needs of vulnerable populations. vulnerable populations. wow. this whole thing could have been written by acorn, who, by the way on a side note, cbs news reports today they might get cashier marked for the healthcare bill for community-based organizations. when asked about it, chris dodd said, i don't know if acorn is going to get the money or not. so, you got it? this is in preference to the best institutions that are going to be turning out our doctors, but the institution with the most diversity. we shouldn't be dishing out grants based on what hospital looks the most like an old navy commercial. also in this bill, the office of civil rights and the office of minority health, remember i said to you, what kind of healthcare bill has that?
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well, they're going to be maintaining, collecting and presenting federal data on race and ethnicity to see if they can identify gaps when obama's economic team was dreaming up the stimulus package, his former advisor, secretary of labor robert rice said, quote "i am concerned, as i'm sure many of you are, that these jobs not simply go to high-skilled people who are already professionals or to white male construction workers. i have nothing against white male construction workers. i'm just saying there are a lot of other people who have needs as well." glenn: let's not get into the high-skilled people with experience. let's just make this a job training program. obama's new green czar, a self-avowed communist, and he is in the obama administration, and he says in his book that has been out now for about four months, "the green color economy" how one
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solution can fix two big problems, that the best way to fight global warming and urban poverty is by keyating millions of green jobs -- by creating millions of green jobs. he spent six months in jail, came out a communist. then he was a communist anarchist radical. then he decided he found the eco-movement and decided green is the new red. he then went on to become a green expert. a percentage of these jobs, he says, should go to the disadvantaged and to the chronically unemployed. well, why are they chronically unemployed? the green economy should not just be about reclaiming thrown-away stuff. it should be about reclaiming thrown-away communities. obama is no dummy. he knows that you would never pass reparations. he knows he would never pass any of this stuff. this is all affirmative action. he also knows we can't afford healthcare. he knows we can't afford cap
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and trade and more stimulus bills, but see, that's assuming that he wants to take care of somebody's health. it's assuming that he wants unemployment numbers the way we all understand unemployment numbers, and that he wants to take care of the environment, but i don't think those are his goals. that's a nice bonus. his goal is creating a new america, a new model, a model that will settle old ashall scores through new social justice. here is linda chavez. she is the chairman for the center for equal opportunity and a fox news contributor. linda, do i have this wrong, and if so, where, if i do? >> well, i can't see anything wrong with what you said. i can say that we ought to give at least the obama administration high marks for no longer lying about this. i mean, they used to say we don't grant preference, we simply want equal opportunity. now they're actually putting the word preference into some of the legislation.
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glenn: first of all, tell me what the office of civil rights has done. this has been around for all government agencies since the 1 1960's, right? >> that's right. they are supposed to enforce our civil rights laws, but as i read the civil rights laws, they say you're not supposed to take race into account. you're not supposed to decide who gets a job, who gets promoted who, gets into college based on the color of their skin. unfortunately, when the democrats are in, sometimes those officers of civil rights do something different and they're really about promoting quotas. glenn: now, there is also the office of minority health. they're going to collect data. what kind of data and what is it used for? >> well, there has been a movement, i would say, over the last decade or two to try to show that there is really disparate treatment in healthcare based on race, and that if you go into the office and you've got a cold or you've got some other ailment and you're white. you get treated one way, but if you go in and are black or
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latino you get treated differently. obviously what this department will try to do is collect statistics to try to prove that and to try to prove that it is racial discrimination that accounts for the different outcomes for different racial groups. glenn: so they will collect the data, pass it on to the office of civil rights, to then, as we outlined last night, the new czar likes to use the word in his book "nudge," nudge the system into a more fair system of healthcare. do i have this right? >> well, you have it right, except the way they define fairness is really trying to equal outcomes, and, you know, healthcare, a lot of it is about behavior. it's about what people do to themselves. glenn: the office of minority health, and i don't know the stats but let's just say
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minorties eat more doritos and therefore they have more heart disease. wouldn't that lead to lawsuits and litigation against doritos? doesn't that just open up all kinds of things instead what we should be doing is saying stop eating so many doritos? >> that's true for a lot of americans. a lot of our unequal health outcomes have not just to do with income but behavior. glenn: there is no office for majority health, so we're only looking at -- if we could eat doritos, be white, asian, black, it doesn't matter, but we're not studying that. we're just studying the minority health, so again -- >> and we're also going to try to make sure that if you go to a doctor and you're black or latino, i guess that you will have to be treated by a black or latino doctor. that's what all the preferences are in terms of medical school admissions in this bill. glenn: i really don't care what color the doctor is. i don't care, man, woman, i
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don't care. i just want to make sure they're the right person to do, it but apparently i'm alone in that, linda? >> well, apparently a lot of medical schools admit people not whether they did well on the tests but to try to satisfy this whole notion of diversity, and that's a very, very bad bargain, because it produces bad doctors. glenn: bad everything. >> and good doctors don't get a chance. glenn: bad everything. thank you very much. i appreciate it. i have to tell you, i have a rule in my company, there is no special favors for interns. you want to be an intern, i don't care who your dad is. i don't care anything. you're good, you're not good. your get a job, you stink on ice, we throw you out. that's what creates a great country. that's what creates a great
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company. that's how things work, but i'm sorry to say that making a company profitable, boy, that's just not even done anymore. teaching people right, wrong, that there is a right and wrong, that profit isn't bad, that's not done. yesterday the president was driving me crazy talking about how evil profit is. fraud is the other side of profit. it's really the same two sides of the same coin. people are going to find a way to make money, and it could be in a positive way or negative way. we have to decide. do we want fraud or do we want profits? somebody would say i can get rich if i create something good, or i can get rich if i scam the system. i mean, people will lie, cheat and steal their way to making money and fraud, or they will create and get their way to profit, but it's human to do one of those two, and the president actually alluded to a little of this last night. >> right now, doctors a lot of
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times are forced to make decisions based on the fee schedule. if they areinging and you come in and have -- if they are looking and you come in and have a bad sore throat or your child has a bad sore throat or has repeated sore throats, the doctor may look at the reimbursement system and say to himself, you know what, i make more money if i take this kid's tonsils out. glenn: is anybody else outraged on this? i have children with their tonsils out. i don't take them for a sore throat to the surgeon. i take them to the pediatrician. how is the pediatrician making money off of money that he says i think you better see a surgeon. it makes no sense. let's say you have a sore throat. no? let's say your child has a sore throat. fraud. fraud. who solved it? well, certainly the federal government has. let's take a look at how it is
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tearing our government's medical system apart right now. >> healthcare fraud, in a nutshell. the obama administration is looking to drastically increase healthcare's entitlements, adding 11 million people just on to the medicaid roll, according to the house's figures, but how will the system possibly support all these new clients? after all, it's already tough finding a health provider that will accept medicaid, since doctors and hospitals don't think that the program reimburses them. another factor, fraud. although the government admits it is impossible to come up with an exact number, estimates are that between 3 and 4% of the annual healthcare spending, up to $72 billion is lost to fraud every single year. the inspector general for health and human services said to the federal government that they lose $18.6 billion a year just on medicaid fraud. what's even more shocking, it's how little is being spent
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on stopping entitlement fraud. medicare spent less than 1/5 of 1% of its budget on anti-fraud measures. according to gary weems, acting administrator for the centers for medicare and medicare services at the end of the bush administration, quote "right now, we way, way, way underspend for fawdz and abuse," so it shouldn't come as a surprise that there are reports out there that healthcare fraud is attractive to oorg nized crime -- is attractive to organized crime. healthcare fraud, in a nutshell. glenn: dennis jay is the director of the coalition against insurance fraud. dennis, we have 3 to 4% fraud in the government medical system. what is the average? you take a credit card company or a bank, what is the average fraud there in the regular world?
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>> it is much lower than healthcare fraud. the 3 to 4% is low. there are estimates that go up to 10%. when we really take a look at healthcare compared to other industries, there is only probably tax evasion is greater than healthcare fraud as far as how much money is lost by the federal government every year. glenn: i have to tell you, here we have 60 billion dollars, 60 to 672 billion dollars in fraud just in one program and we're about to dump 45 million more people into this system, create a system that we all know within ten years it will be 350 million people into it. can you even imagine the amount of fraud? how does the system of community organizers who love to organize the system -- how does the system even take 45
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million people and dump them into the system, many of them with no records whatsoever and not be riddled with fraud? as that that's our beef with congress and the administration right now to expand a program and not expand the anti-fraud resources to the same extent, you might as well send an engraved invitation to organized crime to come and plunder the treasury, because you know they're going to do that. glenn: of course they are. >> right now, there is organized criminals sitting around the country, and maybe even the world, taking a look at the opportunities that are going to present themselves here, and are just rubbing their hands together and waiting for it all to play out, come in, find the weaknesses and plunder.
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we think this is an opportunity, if this is going to come to pass, congress has an opportunity to not only safegaurd and build some fire walls for the new program, but maybe even correct some of the old. right now, there are some good provisions within the senate bill we like. for the very first time, the federal government is talking about partnering with private insurers. the private sector are doing some real interesting effective things with fraud that the government can learn from. on the house side, they are rat least putting some new money into it, but not nearly enough. they have $100 million extra to spend on anti-fraud resources we lost that much today before lunch if you accept these three or 4% losses in fraud. glenn: dennis, thank you very: i will tell you, america, i know the number of credit card frauds. let's take the low number for
2:20 am
fraud in our medical system. it is 3%, the government is acceptable, 3% and dennis says it could be as high as 10%. you know what it is for ked it card 0 for credit card companies? .03%. someone is making profit on it, they don't want to be ripped off. maybe we should rethink that whole profit thing. back in a second. coming up, the report on acorn. glenn has it in his hands, next. fair, straight-forward pricing. that's what td ameritrade stands for.
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glenn: i started here in a break just a second ago, and we will get into more of this tomorrow, but what i just said to you about this whole reparations thing, i know this is what we're on to here. i know it. he said to you, if you understand that barack obama is a community organizer, you will understand what he is doing. ok. community organizer. he is building a new framework to our country.
2:25 am
he nominates a supreme court justice that is into social justice. that's leveling the playing field beyond the law, which leads us to socialized everything, aka socialism. in the end, he says, and this is what he says on the campaign trail, he's not for reparations because they don't go far enough. we need healthcare. we need everybody to go to college, et cetera. we have no reparations, and we have no capitalism, which leads him in his mind to justice, to justice. that is what we're changing to. you know who's really helping him? acorn. yesterday we broke the story about the ranking member of the congressional committee that was coming out today, and there it is. on this program, we're going to go through this a little bit. we're actually cited as a footnote on this program. it calls for a criminal investigation of acorn, alleging the most radical
2:26 am
community organization in america has been deliberately engaging in criminal activities. no! joining me now for his first television interview since the release of the report, the man who put it out, republican congressman dairp ipsa from -- darryl ipsa from california. tell me what you found acorn doing. >> glenn, over the last five minutes as we put together from you and other sources, but in over 400 footnotes, the history of acorn's prosecutions have been consistently the rank and file. it is always the mice that get prosecuted t never rises to the top, particularly like the cover of over a million dollars being embezzled by the brother of the founder. these are documented in this report. we went out of our way, although we have six pages of conclusions, the other 882 pages are facts supporting every one of our allegations,
2:27 am
including the footnotes so that anyone, including acorn can find out what is wong with the facts provided by the oversight committee. we know acorn is coming out swinging. glenn: i was amazed, congressman, because we have tried to be conservative and we said there is 270 shadow organizations or related organizations. this is a giant shell game, and you spell it out in the report. you actually say there's not 270 organizations. there's 361 organizations. >> this is one of the big problems. some of those organizations are outright political. others are non-profit. many are receiving government grants, and what we found was a pattern of loose financial accounting and no fire wall. it is very clear that that's for a reason, and that's part of our conclusion is that you cannot be giving government money, including from the census, to acorn and its
2:28 am
affiliates without knowingly delivering it to partisan operatives who, in fact, engage in campaigning. glenn: congressman, are you aware -- i mean, this is my theory. you have a president that is a community organizer. he is organizing our government in the same way. we can't track anything. you have seen that healthcare bill. it is so complex, money is everywhere. it's a shell game, and everybody is getting rich, and the people who helped him devise this is the seiu, which as you are well aware, that is the union tied directly into acorn. we are building a new exo-skeleton and it is feasting our our republic, agree or disagree? >> i absolutely agree. when we look at the service employees union and how card check would have benefitted them, one is ease easy
2:29 am
unionization, and the other is funding organizations closely aligned with unions. look, i'm a partisan republican. i make no argument about, it but our study was specifically done so the facts speak for themselves so that very clearly we could make the case that acorn cannot be receiving government money, and should lose its tax-free status. glenn: congressman, i would love to have you on again, because i hope you are not just focused on the 361 groups of acorn, but you are also now looking into americorps, because the infection is now inside of our own government, and it is in americorps as well. >> with walpin having been fired, we need to look more deeply into americorps. glenn: you sure do. thank you very much, congressman. i appreciate t >> coming up, a mall being shut down for not beinininininir than ever before? well now you can, introducing the new...
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speaks out. join me at 6:00 eastern for "special report." glenn: well, hello america. here is the hot list. by the way, this is our -- what do all these products have in common? look at these products and what do they have in common? i will tell you, they are tasty, both of them. this is a common sense solution part of the program. these the stories that the mainstream media is dropping the ball. free speech and commerce. you know, they mix apparently not real well when it comes to
2:35 am
speaking out against president obama. a kiosk at north carolina's concorde mills mall will be kicked out for selling hate mongering pair fa nail ya such as bumper stickers reading "impeach obama!" never saw that about bush. and al qaeda's favorite days, 9/11/01 and 11/4/08. plus "my parents chose me." the mall owner says the merchandise is meant to be biting, but one mall patron complained about, you know, the bumper stickers and said they were racist. now the mall is not going to renew his mall. spevak explained that the mall told him, you know, that these items were offensive. when he pointed out another store in the mall sells t-shirts with sayings so offensive that i can't say them on on the air, they came
2:36 am
back and said that their idea was to have opinion items balanced. have you noticed how balanced those spencer gift stores are, like urban outfitters are? erthere's no balance. he tried to offer balance, but the mall wouldn't help him out. finally they said nothing can express opinions whatsoever in the mall. it's a sacred place. there is a lot of pro obama t-shirts and magnets. the owner of the mall, he has a right. it is private property. simon property. simon property. simon property. anyway, it is a private company that has a right to kick anybody out of their mall, but you mean to tell me that there has never been any anti-bush items in the last eight years that they were in office? do they have an urban outfitters? simon property group. where have i heard that name before? simon property group. jack luntz is preparing for an independence day party in atlanta.
2:37 am
20,000 people were expected to attend. why did the mall where it was being held pull the plug at the last minute? the atlanta tea party organizer joins us now. >> the atlanta tea party was to take place in a suburb of atlanta at an old abandoned macy's building that is being restructured now. we were called in last thursday, which i believe was june 18, and we were told at the time that political events were not going to be on this simon place mall, which was privately owned. they told us we could not have our event because we were a political event and because they were concerned about the fact that we were using the term "protest." glenn: simon propertys is owned by melvin simon. he is a billionaire. he is one of the largest donors to obama. his wife was on the inaugural
2:38 am
committee, et cetera, et cetera. this guy is a big fund-raiser and so is his wife for the d.n.c. -- simon properties. it just doesn't ring a bell. don't know why -- i'm sure they love freedom of speech. the state of michigan's unemployment ate has hit 15.2% for june. hang on. i'm being told we're supposed to go for a low number on this. i didn't know we were keeping score like golf. this is the highest monthly rate in 26 years. michigan seasonally adjusted jobless rate for may was the highest in the nation. congratulations, michigan! in fact, michigan has had the nation's highest unemployment rate for much of the past few years. to fight this, the state democrats are now proposing, listen to this, because this is genius. this is really going to help business out. they're going to raise the state's minimum wage from $7.40 an hour to $10 an hour. they're also going to increase
2:39 am
unemployment benefits and require all employees must provide health coverage. the michigan chamber of commerce, those hate mongers, what's wong with those these people? they point out that raising cost for employers will make them cut workers. employers have so much money, they won't even miss it. as the chamber president put it, quote, no employers means no employees. are you threatening me? you watch. we'll just have a state full of employees without employers, and then you'll see! let me put it this way. the democratic proposal kind of like being in a leaky sinking boat, you know, shark-infested waters, big hole in the boat and the idiot next to you says you know what? there's a hole in the boat. quick, grab a shovel, we'll make it bigger! if you think this doesn't affect you, tomorrow the federal minimum wage will rise from $7.25 an hour to $6.55,
2:40 am
something i districtly remember saying democrats, really bad an hour. more on that tomorrow n a completely unrelated story, another reason i really like sarah palin. she recently signed a joint resolution claiming sovereignty for alaska under the tenth amendment to the constitution over all powers not otherwise enumerated and gantted to the federal government and the constitution of the united states. that means states' rights. the tenth amendment center points out that six states have now had both houses of their legislature pass similar resolutions. only tennessee and alaska have signed it with the governor. so, yesterday i took off california and i also took off delaware. i did that just today because joe biden pisses me off, and new jersey, i'm sorry, but -- and pennsylvania, i mean, get philadelphia under control. anyway, what i'm think something maybe we can take alaska and then we could take
2:41 am
tennessee -- well, i know you're around here someplace. well, we'll just start with alaska. we'll find tennessee, and we'll leave tennessee there, and we'll start putting the stars back, you know, when they decide they're going to get serious about states'ites and that pesky little thing called the constitution. that is your hot list. oh. we're still on? president obama made his feelings about police really clear last night. here is what heeeeeeeeee@ñ
2:42 am
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glenn: am moan ya and double-stuffed oreos. what do they have in common? now, before we get into that and the rest -- the arrest of a prominent black professor has spark add heated debate. professor larry gates was arrested after there was a confrontation with an officer in front of his home. now gates is claiming he was a
2:46 am
victim of ashall profiling by a rogue cop. wait until you hear the story on this cop. even the president had something to say. obama is a friend of gates. he was asked about it last night at the healthcare news conference, and here's what he had to say. >> the cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home. there is a long history in this country of african-americans and latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately. glenn: that is great. let me go to david horowitz, the founder of "front page" magazine, author of "one-party classroom." david, these are some of the things that gates said to the police officer. he said -- gates could be heard screaming" this is what happens to a black man in america! you don't know who you're messing with!" gates made a phone call with the officer standing at the
2:47 am
door and he said "get the chief! what's the chief's name?" when the officer asked to speak with gates, gates said i'll speak with your mama outside! today the cops said gates did lots of trash talking that night, specifically about his mama, but not all of it made into the report. what do you think this is about, because this guy is known as a fairly rational guy. what happened here? >> yeah. louis gates is one of the more thoughtful professors, certainly. he has built an impressive -- it's almost the only black studies department in the country that isn't about racial hux terring, but he behaved here. he fell into this mode. in fact, what happened was that there was a perceived break-in. a neighbor had seen two black men breaking in. gates was in his driveway and they were breaking in because he forgot his key and he was returning from a trip. the officer then -- glenn: after being called by a
2:48 am
neighbor? >> right. he is investigating a crime scene, and his life is in jeopardy, because you don't know what is happening. he asked gates to step outside, and gates, instead of thats said "you're just doing this because i'm a black man in america" and called his police chief saying you don't know who you're wrestling with and started calling the officer a racist over the phone, so this is obstructing an investigation. it is arrogance. it is harvard arrogance. the guy went into a panic mode, and then he reached for the ace card, and in america, you know, what happens to a black man in america? well, you split your wife's throat from ear to ear, and you get acquitted by a jury when the whole nation knows that you're guilty. glenn: david, hang on just a second. i want to play the other side of this in a minute. i want to play the other side of it, because i grew up in a white town in america in washington state, but i have
2:49 am
to tell you something, when i moved to kentucky, i understood the relationship with african-americans and the police in a different way. it doesn't excuse bad behavior, but i want to share that and get your thoughts on this. we'll do that comingcomi
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glenn: david horowitz is author of "front page" magazine and author of "one-party classroom" when we went into the break, jack and oscar -- jack is a sound guy and oscar runs camera three here. they both said "he doesn't know what the hell he is talking about." first of all, jack, you tell me. why does he have it wrong? >> for a simple reason. i borrowed my friend he's truck. i was pulled over because of a brake light. i said fine, give me the ticket and i'll take care of
2:54 am
it. in two seconds, they told me to get out of the truck, patting me down, and two cops are digging in the truck. two of the cops don't have their badges. i said just give me the ticket for the brake light. no, we're looking for drugs and guns. they stood me up last winter in sleet and snow for 20 minutes. glenn: oscar, you had a similar experience? >> i have, but personally i think the o.j. thing doesn't have anything to do with gates, and i think what bill cosby thing is the most prevalent to the situation where we should look at how this is going to pan out on both sides before we really make a decision. glenn: i think the guy got off a plane, he was coming from china, he was tired, grumpy, et cetera, and then probably a little beat of an elitist "don't you know who i am?" that's not a race thing. that is something even white people do. david, i have to tell you, i grew up in washington state, a little town named mount vernon. there weren't any minorities
2:55 am
in the area, and when i first moved to kentucky in the 1980's, i go into kentucky, and i see -- i didn't understand how people wouldn't open the door for a cop, et cetera, except that i saw an investigation where they arrest ared cops who had k.k.k. outfits in the trunk of their squad car, and i think, well, that's a different world. yeah, i don't know if i would open the door for a cop then. >> it is a totally different world. three were three police officers here. one was hispanic, one was black and the white cop had been teaching officers how not to ashallly profile for ten years and was selected for the job by his superior, who was black. the gentleman was concerned because cops are searching his car. if he is on the new jersey turnpike or in that area, 70% of the drug dealers are black, and who do you think they're dealing the drugs to?
2:56 am
poor blacks in the newark and the inner cities there, so the fact that they stopped him, i mean, it is an inconvenience. i have an incon seen yens. i get searched every time i take a plane because i have an artificial hip. artificial hip. i put up with
2:57 am
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to be a good father is the most important job in a man's life, but it doesn't have to be hard. play catch, go to a park, or visit a zoo. help your child with their homework. sit down together for dinner. ask them how their day was. things get busy, and sometimes we all fall short, but the smallest moments can have the biggest impact on a child's life. take time to be a dad today. glenn: ok, here is the thing. all these things -- hotdogs, all these things cause cancer but this


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